Staffan Holm’s intuitive design sparks immediate associations to the gym and clearly signals its functional purpose as a coat or towel hook. Made in untreated or stained ash and available in diverse colours and sizes.
  • Gym S Black DKK 179
  • Gym S Untreated DKK 179
  • Gym S Light grey DKK 179
  • Gym S Mint green DKK 179
  • Gym M Untreated DKK 229
  • Gym M Black DKK 229
  • Gym L Untreated DKK 279
  • Gym L Black DKK 279
  • Gym S Blue DKK 179
  • Gym L Dark green DKK 279
  • Gym L Rusty red DKK 279
  • Gym M Dark green DKK 229
  • Gym M Blue DKK 229
  • Gym L Light grey DKK 279
  • Gym M Light grey DKK 229

Designer / Staffan Holm

Staffan Holm founded his studio in 2008 after graduating from the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Trained as a furniture carpenter Staffan Holms approach is always very grounded in traditional craftsmanship, but also with a great curiousness towards developing high-tech manufacturing techniques. The collision between manufacturing methods that are separated by hundreds of years of development create intriguing and often surprising results which are often seen in Staffan's work

Staffan is interested in functions that go beyond the mere practical ones and focus more on the emotional functions that engage and create true value.

Staffan has won numerous Scandinavian design awards.

  • Staffan Holm
  • GYM From DKK 179