Porter is an ingenious wooden kitchen roll holder that allows you to put a kitchen roll on a straight rod, and lock it in place by twisting the top of the rod, which also doubles as a handle
  • Porter Petroleum DKK 299
  • Porter Untreated DKK 299
  • Porter Grey DKK 299
  • Porter Nude DKK 299

Designer / Shane Schneck

’Shane is inspiring to work with and always manages to do something surprising. He gives it his all, with a playful approach and a creative brain that seeks its own charming path. Shane has a unique way of thinking and doing things in terms of design, colours and combinations.’ Mette Hay.

The first collaboration between HAY and Shane Schneck began with a moulded plywood chair, Ru. The innovative project won the prestigious Swedish Golden Stool award and established a rewarding collaboration that has ranged from art direction to design. A trail of playful and inventive products followed including a candleholder made possible by contemporary wire bending techniques. 

Shortly after he and wife Clara von Zweigbergk analyzed the typical matchbox and turned the striking surface into an intuitive interface in the product Strike. 

Other products include Field bread boards, Analog wall clock, Porter kitchen roll holder and a simple trestle for Wrong for Hay. Present throughout his work is an analytic approach that distills the un-necessary, into functional compositions. Fascinated by industry and production his work celebrates the mundane tools of life with color and simplicity. 

Geographically, he finds himself in Sweden after working with Piero Lissoni’s studio in Milan. In a collaboration that lasted eight years, in part as Patricia Urquiola’s right-hand man, he learned genealogy of things, as Italy leaked into his visual idiom. 

Today, he is surrounded by the pragmatic sensibility of the Swedes that yet again has added to and informed his global expression.  

  • Shane Schneck
  • PORTER From DKK 299
  • CAP From DKK 89
  • RHOM TRIVET From DKK 129
  • LUP WALL From DKK 349
  • FIELD From DKK 349
  • ANALOG From DKK 699
  • LUP From DKK 199