The handle at the top explains why Thomas Bentzen’s table is aptly named ‘Don’t Leave Me’. Abbreviated to DLM, the little handle allows you to carry the metal side table with you from room to room, so it will always be by your side. Although it has a lightweight and portable structure, the three slanted legs provide great stability. Available in two sizes, the DLM and DLM XL make original alternatives to traditional coffee tables and can be taken along just about anywhere.
  • DLM Black DKK 1.099
  • DLM Grey DKK 1.099
  • DLM Powder DKK 1.099
  • DLM Racing green DKK 1.099
  • DLM White DKK 1.099
  • DLM Lavender DKK 1.099
  • DLM Mint DKK 1.099
  • DLM Yellow DKK 1.099
  • DLM XL White DKK 1.499
  • DLM XL Black DKK 1.499
  • DLM XL Grey DKK 1.499
  • DLM XL Powder DKK 1.499
  • DLM XL Racing green DKK 1.499
  • DLM XL Mint DKK 1.499
  • DLM XL Yellow DKK 1.499
  • DLM XL Lavender DKK 1.499

Designer / Thomas Bentzen

“I think that I probably work more slowly than most people, but it is essential for me to create designs with a long lifespan, which will still be relevant 10, 20 or 30 years from now”. Thomas Bentzen

Carefully considered everyday functionality

Thomas Bentzen is an unassuming, hard-working design poet who spends a long time fine-tuning his ideas before they are presented to a larger audience. His work is driven by the crucial detail in an everyday perspective. The DLM (Don’t Leave Me) side table is story and functionality in a concrete as well as a metaphoric sense. The small table with the built-in handle that also serves as the frame represents Thomas Bentzen’s design philosophy in a nutshell: products that solve a problem and improve our daily life a little. DLM’s intuitive functionality and universal design concept has made a name for itself in a market that was ready for a small, versatile side table in a modern palette. From his job as a design manager in a furniture company, Thomas Bentzen knows that there is a long way from idea to finished product, and that the path to market is paved with dialogue and compromises. This pragmatist approach enables him to create realistic and carefully considered products under his own name in his Copenhagen studio.

  • Thomas Bentzen
  • DLM From DKK 1.099