Shane Schneck has turned a line drawing of the classic candleholder into a tangible shape in solid copper or black powder-coated steel wire.

Designer / Shane Schneck

’Shane is inspiring to work with and always manages to do something surprising. He gives it his all, with a playful approach and a creative brain that seeks its own charming path. Shane has a unique way of thinking and doing things in terms of design, colours and combinations.’ Mette Hay

At the age of eight, Shane was in love. With a chair – more specifically, the LCW by Eames, because Shane’s grandfather had a house full of furniture classics. Shane grew up surrounded by furniture icons like George Nelson and Eero Saarinen in the American Mid West, which is otherwise characterized by Amish communities and simple wooden houses. ‘That is me. Things are what they are. A good product works on its own,’ Shane explains.

It is this simple design approach combined with an extraordinarily creative mind characterized by atypical linkages that has taken Shane Schneck to where he is today. Geographically, he now finds himself in Europe after working with hard-core engineer-style product design in the United States for a number of years. His first destination was Piero Lissoni’s studio in Milan where he worked for eight years, in part as Patricia Urquiola’s right-hand man. In Milan, Shane learned to work on a smaller scale and also added colour and texture to a sometimes rather austere design expression, as Italy leaked into his visual idiom. Today, Shane acknowledges that as taken he is by simple, mid-twentieth-century furniture, he also loves intuitive and colourful pop art references, which have crept into his global expression.

The story about Shane and HAY begins with the styling of HAY’s catalogues but also includes a large number of products including the Lup candle holder, the Field cutting board, the Strike matchboxes and the Trion table for Wrong for Hay. A dedicated follower of No Drama, Just Facts, Shane Schneck is still excited to see modern technology, aesthetics and function fuse into one perfect whole.

  • Shane Schneck
  • ANALOG From DKK 599
  • FIELD From DKK 349
  • LUP From DKK 149
  • PORTER From DKK 299