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  • Pinocchio is a wool and hand-rolled felt rug in different kinds of colour combinations.
  • Size — Ø90 cm
  • Color — PINK
  • Material — WOOL
  • Pinocchio is made from 100% New Zealand wool and handmade in Nepal, where wool fibres are felted into woolen beads, and stitched together by hand. The rug should only be used as a decorative rug. Due to the delicate construction, it does not stand heavy wear and tear. Irregularities may occur i.e. uneven edges, and different loop sizes. Avoid placing the rug in direct sunlight, as the colours may fade. The carpet should be vacuumed once a week or more, to ensure that dirt and dust is kept out. In case of any liquid spillage, soak up the excess spill by dabbing carefuly with a sponge. Avoid rubbing the sponge on the carpet as it may cause the spot to distort or spread and damage the carpet. Dry clean only.

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